Where the Shuswap meets the Okanagan

Flora and Fauna



Enderby is home to many varieties of beautiful regional wildlife.

Birds that you will commonly see nesting, eating, and flying in Enderby are:

Other wildlife you will spot in Enderby include:

Enderby and area plays host to a beautiful array of flowers and trees. Common tree varieties include:

  • white spruce
  • black spruce
  • western red cedar
  • paper birch
  • quaking aspen
  • Douglas fir
  • tamarack
  • willow

Flowers, Photo by Jacky ClarkSome of the flowers you may spot growing in our fields and along our river banks are:

  • cow vetches
  • wild strawberries
  • red and white clovers
  • alfalfa
  • common foxgloves
  • oxeye daisies
  • common chicories
  • goatsbeards